Tellus Becomes Clear Choice for EVV in the Home Health Care Industry

Tellus Becomes Clear Choice for EVV in the Home Health Care Industry

More than 64 EHR integrations, 15,000 Providers, and 55,000 Caregivers.


DEERFIELD BEACH, FL, August 25, 2020 — Tellus has quietly been saturating the EVV market across the country. Tellus offers a flexible data dictionary, system reliability, configurability, and exceptional support team. Because we have such great offerings, Tellus has quickly become the “go-to” platform for EVV integrations and aggregation. Tellus’ industry-leading architecture allows for seamless integration and adoption across the home health care market. Tellus has over 64 EHR (Home Health Agency Management Platform) integrations, more than 15,000 providers, and over 55,000 caregivers. Tellus has built a Nationwide EVV solution that fits our client’s needs, and we have an outstanding team that’s ready to help our clients successfully implement our products. Tellus is also providing many of our customers EVV Clearing services which allow the aggregation of EVV data to multiple sources.


Do not just take our word. Here are a few things our clients have said:


“We have worked with many aggregators, and Tellus’ reliability, ease of use, and stability of the system is superior to other aggregators.”


“We’re pleased with the partnership and hopeful that they will be selected by more states and more MCOs.”


“We are true partners who work together to not only ensure our members are receiving the care they deserve but behind the scenes of that care, we are making the process easy for our providers to use the system.”


“The Tellus team is extremely responsive and has a desire to work with Alternate EVV vendors. I look forward to working with them in other states.”



About Tellus

Tellus is a leading home health care technology provider focused on EVV solutions. Tellus is proud to be the provider of choice among a variety of states, managed care organizations, and provider agencies. The company’s comprehensive, cloud-based solutions work to simplify, streamline, and quickly and easily verify care delivery tasks and process claims data right at the point of care. That means agencies, caregivers and patients can focus their time and attention on what matters most — improved patient care with better outcomes, greater efficiency, and cost reduction.

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